Wine Tours for the discriminating palate

Wine Tours for the discriminating palate

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For some people, drinking wine is a little ordinary. A nice pastime with friends, a little intoxicating, and some examination of the description of the wine for future reference.

For others it becomes a passion. A never ending study of flavors and aromas, and an attempt to store the sensory experience to be relived later. The experiences are categorized by varietal, viticulture area, vineyard, and wine maker. You begin to find yourself engaged in the study of wine, and never has there been such a pleasant endeavor. Sharing your work with others at a family dinner, backyard BBQ, or a quiet introspective moment watching the sunset from your patio. There is a perfect wine for each of these, and you are the expert that chooses your wines to share with your friends.

I find this study so satisfying that it has become my quest to share it with you.


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